“Kuttu” is a tamil word. You give someone a kuttu by sharply rapping them on the head with your knuckles.

When I was in the fourth standard, that’s how my dad used to stimulate the mathematically challenged portion of my brain when demanding the price of ten mangoes for the third time. (I did suggest asking the shopkeeper but somehow, my father wasn’t deeply appreciative of my response.)

To this day kuttus remain the most clearly remembered of any learning stimuli I have been exposed to. 😛


…This Blog:

I keep finding things interesting and I usually have a comment and an idea (and three questions!) about pretty much most things, so I thought it would be fun to write. This is obviously all my stuff and has nothing to do with my employers though I write about work and work-related matters. Thassall.



I’m passionate about theory and critical thinking, human rights and feminism, eating homemade food and drinking filter coffee. I don’t have a TV at home or consume much mass media because the voices in my head are usually entertainment enough.

I work in instructional design these days, but I bounced around quite a lot before – I’ve also worked in counselling (which I loved), advertising, software development and a mish-mash of other professions. The only thing I specialise in, is flapping my way down the corridors of power in rubber chappals!

If you can read these labels: I’m a brown feminist, anti-technocrat, INTJ, 8w7 sx/sp/so.


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